What is Methadone?

Methadone is a long-acting opioid medication that is used to treat those who have become dependent on heroin, fentanyl, or any other opiate (pain killer) medication, such as codeine, morphine, as well as synthetic drugs such as oxycodone, oxycontin, and hydrocodone. When prescribed with counseling and other psychosocial services, methadone relieves cravings and withdrawal symptoms, and it helps clients begin to build the bridge toward recovery.

Specifically, Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) helps normalize the body’s neurological and hormonal functions that have been impaired by heroin or misuse of other short-acting opioids.

Appropriate MMT provides several benefits:

● Reduces or eliminates craving for opioid drugs
● Prevents the onset of withdrawal for 24 hours or more
● Blocks the effects of other opioids
● Promotes increased physical and emotional health
● Raises overall quality of life and functioning

How long will I be on Methadone?

The length of treatment is variable. Counseling staff will generally be able to provide helpful guidelines, though you and the physician will discuss this. While long-term treatment is not uncommon, you can be taken off the medicine at any time that you wish

Are counseling sessions necessary?

Yes, counseling sessions are required by State and Federal guidelines. Although in-person group sessions have been suspended due to Covid-19, individualized sessions are being performed via telehealth.

Can I miss days of medication?

Your well-being and success in treatment are greatly improved with daily attendance. If you miss 3 or more days, you will have to meet with a physician before your treatment resumes.

Are there incentives for success in stable recovery?

Yes. The longer you’re in your specified periods in your stable recovery, you can be given medicine (commonly referred to as “take-home bottles”) that you can take home and not come into the clinic that day. The longer you are in stable recovery, the more take-home bottles are administered (up to one month).

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